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/* Utility Classes */

  Compute the maximum of a Bessel function and plot it.

  import argparse

  import numpy as np
  from scipy import special, optimize
  import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

  def main():
      # Parse command-line arguments
      parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(usage=__doc__)
      parser.add_argument("--order", type=int, default=3, help="order of Bessel function")
      parser.add_argument("--output", default="plot.png", help="output image file")
      args = parser.parse_args()

      # Compute maximum
      f = lambda x: -special.jv(args.order, x)
      sol = optimize.minimize(f, 1.0)

      # Plot
      x = np.linspace(0, 10, 5000)
      plt.plot(x, special.jv(args.order, x), '-', sol.x, -sol.fun, 'o')

      # Produce output
      plt.savefig(args.output, dpi=96)

  if __name__ == "__main__":